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Cloud Native Acceleration

Full-stack alignment (Cloud, Data, Software Architecture, DevOps)


Cloud Strategy

Single, Hybrid, and Multi-Cloud. From adoption to hero, solution design

Data Strategy

Getting the most out of data. From capturing to realized business value

Software Architecture

Aligning people and dependencies with code for the best outcome

DevOps 2.0

Ensuring a modern mindset that fosters innovation, speed, and quality of service



Some success stories


Cazoo international expansion

xgeeks collaborated with Cazoo to internationalize customer-facing applications and implement a centralized vehicle information system. Our solution consolidated scattered vehicle data, enabling self-sufficiency for customer service and inventory management. We supported Cazoo’s international expansion, positively impacting key business areas and streamlining processes. Our involvement in creating a centralized design system improved consistency across customer-facing applications.


Cloud Native for developers at Mercedes–Benz with cNs

xgeeks partnered with the DHC cNS team at Mercedes-Benz to realise a cloud-agnostic vision and streamline the development lifecycle. Our focus was on simplifying Kubernetes cluster management through a multi-tenant approach, enabling faster development and release cycles with a cloud-native-first mindset. We validated a long-term vision for a cloud-agnostic development approach, allowing cNS customers to reduce operational footprint and achieve project goals faster.


Softwarefactory at Mbition

Mbition needed a highly performing software development platform for embedded systems. xgeeks collaborated with MBition to build a platform aimed to support thousands of engineers and leverage multiple cloud resources. The team successfully handled the requirements and needs from Mbition to significantly speed up software development processes, reduce idle time, and improve productivity and scalability at a sustainable cost.